BabyWork SAM

Pediatric & Neonatal Ultrasound Simulation

BabyWorks Sam is an ultra-realistic baby manikin offering a safe and effective training tool for Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) and Echocardiography in pediatric and neonatal care.

Accurate, palpable landmarks and real patient scans provide a high fidelity, accurate scanning experience meaning you can scan as you would a real baby



Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) in Neonatology and Pediatrics Webinar

Dr. Liam Mahoney, Locum Consultant Neonatologist (UHBW), and Kathryn Jenner, RDMS RVT, discuss the case for PoCUS in Neonatology and Pediatrics, with a live babyworks demonstration. Watch the preview or click here to watch the full webinar.

Perform true-to-life patient examinations

Accurate, palpable, anatomical landmarks and ultrasound data covering from the clavicle to the pelvis, and 3 cranial windows, mean you can scan as you would a real baby.

Active scenario training

Run realistic scenario training using the intructor tablet. Easily change the pathology, heart and/or respiratory rate and the severity of the pathology instantly to test assessment and decision-making skills.


Integrating the high fidelity of the HeartWorks cardiac simulation, Babyworks offers risk-free training for Transthoracic (TTE) and Transesophageal (TEE) Echocardiography in pediatric and neonatal care.

Cardiac Anatomy

Acquire a detailed knowledge of the heart anatomy and cardiac structures through a highly realistic and fully interactive model of the heart with over 140 intra-cardiac structures labeled.

Customisable patient list

Tutors can create their own patient cases from any of the pathologies on the system and create tailored clinical information. Tutors can also easily access their own customized patients from the tablet, making exams highly variable in content and simple to run.

Doppler & M-mode functions

Just as on ultrasound machines BabyWorks Cardiac has color, pulsed wave, and continuous-wave Doppler available in all regions of all cases. As well as M-Mode, Biplane and, a measurements and calculations package with reporting functionality.

Flexible teaching supported learning

BabyWorks provides access to real patient-based training where doctors can work through cases independently and at their own pace. Over 57 patient cases using real patient scans will develop diagnostic skills and recognition of common abnormalities in point of care scenarios to guide evaluation and decision-making for patient referral or discharge.