The most comprehensive POCUS simulator there is

BodyWorks 4.0

Realistic, safe and effective training in ultrasound-guided needling


Säker, effektiv och ultrarealistisk träning för att sätta nålar med ultraljud.


Den mest kompletta ultraljudsimulatorn för POKUS somfinns.

BodyWorks 4.0

What we do

Making ultrasound accessible to everyone

Our vision is to make clinical diagnostic ultrasound easier to learn and simpler to use for everyone. We do this by supplying state of the art medical ultrasound simulators from Intelligent UltraSound in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

Our simulators cover the whole spectra of clinical usage from emergency medicine to obetetrics and gyneacology. In 2023 we will also release our first Clinical approved ultrasound and AI-driven (Artificial Intelligence) Ultra Sound Assistant the Peripheral Needle Block Assistant.

Our classroom to clinic approach reflects our belief that by supporting, guiding and speeding up scanning, we can make ultrasound more accessible to all medical professionals.

HI fidelity ultrasound simulators for Point-of Care Ultrasound (Pocus). Transesophageal and Tranmsthoractic Echocardiagraphy (TTE & TEE) in pediatric and neonatal care.
HI fidelity ultrasound simulators for Transesophageal and Trasthoractic Echocardiography
(TTE & TEE).

HI fidelity ultrasound simulators for Obstetrics, Gyneacology and general ultrasound
Hi fidelity ultrasound simulators for Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) used in critical care, intensive care and emergency medicine.


You really need to explore our simulators. -Call us for a live web demo or a demo visit at your clinical site!

Indepth review of the HeartWorks UltraSound simualtor.

We represent IntelligentUltraSound simulators on the Nordic market.


Our simulators have been integrated into ultrasound training programs in over 300 institutions globally and there’s a lot of studies that prove the effectiviness of our UltraSound simulators.


The process of getting you a simulator can take time and most often it requires a formal tender process to get in place. We know ow it works and will help you with all information needed.


Our simulators are very robust and maintenance free. But time changes and so does the content of our simulators. To stay updated with the latest advances -join our maintenance program!